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Academic credit system

Studies at hosting universities are based on formerly agreed Learning Agreements. After the completion of courses at a foreign university student receives the right amount of credits (ECTS). To gain ECTS credits, the student must pass the examination at hosting institution and gain the assesment grade.
Student continues his or her education at PWSW without repeating a semester or courses not provided abroad but for those required to obtain professional qualifications.
Student may be obliged to take additional courses after his or her return only if he or she did not obtain the required number of credits per semester while studying abroad.
The period of exchange studies at hosting institution can last from 3 months to 1 year.
The ECTS grading scale at PWSW: 5.0-A, 4.5 - B, 4.0-C, 3.5-D, 3.0 - E, 2.0 - F.

The successful grades for students at PWSW are: 5.0-A, 4.5 - B, 4.0-C, 3.5-D, 3.0 - E

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