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Bachelor degree courses

At The East European State University in Przemyśl students can take free full-time courses (BA) in stationary mode and non-stationary mode (fee studies) and also postgraduate courses. Bachelor studies last 6 semesters (3 years) and technical courses 7 semesters (3,5 year). Engineering studies with a practical profile last 4 years (8 semesters). For students possessing the Polish Card stationary courses are also free of charge.

It should be noted that The East European State University is the only school offering studies free of charge in Przemyśl. Nowadays, when new private schools of higher education requiring tuition are being established every year, state school is a chance for everybody.

Studies are free of charge for Polish citizens, including also foreigners holding the Pole's Card.

The fee for foreing students is 2000 EURO. The fee may be reduced with the decision of the Rector if the student proves to be in a difficult financial situation.

Study in Przemyśl

Join us and study in Przemyśl! Thanks to the highly qualified staff of the largest Polish universities and evolving didactic base with new dormitory, students of our school have new prospects for studying.

In the national ranking of Universities of Applied Sciences , The East European State University in Przemyśl is one of the best professional schools of Carpathia  Region.

Graduates gain  a Bachelor's Degree  or technician engineering diploma of undergraduate studies, valid throughout European Union. They can continue their education in complementary studies ( second - degree) at any university in Poland and abroad whereever they choose.


If you decide to study - study only in Przemyśl! If you decide to study in Przemyśl – study only at The East European State University!

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