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Courses at PWSW

Our school offers free of charge Bachelor’s Degree studies, including technical engineering studies. In its offer there are courses as below: Interior Design, Graphic Design, English Philology, Polish Philology, History, Applied Linguistics (English-Ukrainian), Politology, Sociology, International Relations and technical engineering courses: Environmental Engineering,  Mechatronics,  Food Production and Safety and new offered technical course: Engineering of transport and logistics. Wide range of offered courses helps everybody choose appropriete studies 


Interior Design

Interior Design is a course joining a clip art with the knowledge that helps shaping our close environment. Interior Design studies offer a specified knowledge that allows graduates to pracitce in their jobs. Interior Design consists of lectures shaping an artistic sensibility and those that help dealing with technical issues.

Interior Design course educates youths with an extraordinary sensitivity and talents at the highest European level in the field of visual arts. A discipline: an applied art.
Specializations: interior design, sacral interior design, landscape and gardening design.

English Philology

Students of English Philology gain a comprehensive knowledge of: English language, history, English literature and culture. Their programme is based on four thematic blocks: literature, linguistics, culture and Glottodidactics.
The purpose of the course is gaining the practical knowledge of English language (near-native level).

The English Philology staff are specialists of the history and the theory of the literature of English-speaking countries.

Specializations: translation, Business Communication

Polish Philology

During the three years course students can learn about Polish and foreign modern literature, the history of Polish and foreign literature, gain modern linguistic knowledge and pracitce their communication skills needed in teaching jobs, public activity, daily life, editorial jobs, spokesman or PR (public relations) specialist’s position.

In addition to the cannon of Polish Philology lectures the course offers also interesting general education subjects (film, modern art, psychology of art perception, picture language of the world, popular literature, rhetoric etc.)

Specializations: media-language-culture.


The graduates of the history are humanists with comprehensive knowledge of the past ages social sciences, culture, art., demography and statistics. Historical studies encourage to ask questions and draw conclusions and also to synthetic and analitical thinking, the ability to interpret data.

Graduates will find the employement as treachers, employees of research institutions and cultural institutions, as journalists, tour guides, tour pilots (thanks to including in the study programme the courses of regional tour guide and tour pilot), archivists, curators, managers and promoters of culture.

Secializations: teaching, international tourism.

Environmental Engineering

The students of Environmental Engineering acquire the knowledge of mathematics, science and technology and learn how to solve problems connected with engineering, investments and exploitation.

The graduates may apply for a building license in the field of installation and water supply network. The graduate of Environmental Engineering can be employed in design offices, companies implementing and operating water supply and sewage systems, in special units of government and local government adminisration responsible for the environment, in the industries managing water services.

Applied Linguistics (English - Ukrainian)

Applied Longuistics involves intense study of two foreign languages: English and Ukrainian. Bi-directional nature of the study allows students to gain competence to teach and translate in both languages.

The graduates of the applied linguistics can find employement in every place where the knowledge of foreign languages is needed: in international organizations, educational institutions, departments of government and local governments, NGOs (non-government organisations ), travel agencies, publishing houses, transport companies, translation agencies and in business.

Specializations: business translations, cultural-linguistic


Mechatronics is a quickly growing field of science and technology and joins five different fields of knowledge: mechanics, electronics, Information Technology, robotics and automatics.

Studying mechatronics at PWSW makes possible to gain the knowledge not only in the field of mechanics but also in the field of construction and operation of machinery and electronics, Information Technology and the theory of control which is needed to design and construct the specialized machines and other devices.

The graduates are prepared to work in the interdisciplinary teams dealing with construction, production, selling, exploitation, diagnosis of mechatronic systems, machines and devices.

Political Science

The students of Political Science have the possibility to gain the knowledge in the field of political standards and specialized knowledge which concerns regional politics, public administration, and issues concerning administrative law, business, civil law, community and employment law.
The students will gain knowledge which concerns the programming, absorbtion and functioning of the EU (European Union) structural funds.

The political science at The East European State University helps gain job qualifications important in public institutions including: state and council offices, government and regional agencies, fundations, NGOs, local and regional media.

Specializations: public safety, European founds.


Sociology is a science examining in a systematic way the functions and transformations of the society. The sociologists examine social rules, processes and structures which unite people together and divide them, create interpersonal bonds and also the process of their changes.
The sociologists examine not only the units entangled in social groups but also interpersonal relations for example: families, communities and associations. The graduate will gain the knowledge needed to understand phenomena and social processes and also determinants of social transformations.

The graduate will know how to use the modern methods and technics to analyze phenomena and social processes with useful computer programmes. The graduate will also be able to cunduct independent social research.

Specializations: social prevention and resocialization, sociology of borderlands with customs law, human resources and job market, sociology of internal security and crisis management.

International Relations

International relations is a modern and interdisciplinary science concerning the examination of the official political relations between countries, their economic, financial, cultural and research relations.This is the course for people who want to know the mechanisms of reality: political, economic and social.The graduate will gain the knowledge in the field of economic, social, law and political sciences. This knowledge will help the student understand the mechanisms of international relations and global economy.

The student should gain abillity to analyze the country problems from an international perspective. The graduates are prepared to work in a governmental administration, in local government, institutions, security services, UE institutions, international organizations in Poland and abroad, embassies, consulates, associations concerning international cooperation.

Specializations: international safety, international business.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the programme that allows to gain knowledge and skills in the design of advertising materials, books, magazines and items of daily use. Students apart from courses conducted in the field of artistic knowledge, learn the principles of design and computer graphics. Graduates are prepared to work both in design offices of various branches of industry and commerce, as well as in publishing houses, editorial offices, and operate their own services.

The safety and food production

Students while studying Safety and food production acquire a general knowledge of biology and chemistry, as well as expertise in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Graduates can work in both institutions of nutrition control and in food industry and catering.
Specializations: food safety, catering production safety and nutritional education.

Engineering of transport and logistics

Engineering studies of 1st degree, 4 years (8 semesters; 7 semesters + 1 semester professional practice).

• engineering of transportation, including the organization, supervision and management of transport processes,
• traffic engineering in the organization, planning, designing of control systems and traffic management,
• analysis of transport systems,
• designing and management of modern logistics systems and processes,
• IT support systems of logistics management,
• managing the transport and logistics.

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