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History of the East European State University in Przemyśl

The East European State University in Przemyśl (PWSW) was established in 2001.


It is the institution of higher education located in Przemyśl  town, in close proximity to the Ukrainian border ( 15 km. ). Przemyśl is a city with a rich historical traditions, where for centuries the influences of Eastern and Western civilizations were meeting.Since the dawn of time, in addition to native Poles and Ukrainians, nations that were settling here , were Jews, Germans, Hungarians, and even Armenians, Italians, Scots, Irish and French.

The East European State University in Przemyśl refers to the old tradition of openness and tolerance of the region. By educating students, both in the humanities and technical, gives a solid education that can be usuful in both , Polish and European labor marke.

Initially its name was The State Vocational School but in 2006, in accordance with a decree issued by the Council of Ministers, the name was changed into The East European State Higher School in Przemyśl.

In its origins PWSW was established as a humanistic academy, alluding to the oldest academic traditions of Przemyśl: 15th century chapter school (with rector nominated by The Cracow Acedemy), and also to the 17th century college of Jesuits.


Readiness for implementing changes led to adding an artistic course - Interior Design - to its educational offer and in 2009 also the first technical course - Environmental Engineering and Mechatronics in October 2010.

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