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The East European State University has a wide range of high scholarships for students, including social support and, special rector scholarships and scholarships for academic performances.


Within the framework of social advantege for the students, our students can apply for the following benefis:

  • Social scholarship – awarded to a student in a difficult financial situation after he or she submitts the application with appropriate documents in the institute of studied course,
  • Rectors scholarship for academic performances and achievements in artistic and sport activities
  • Disability scholarship – awarded to the student due to disability confirmed by the aproppriate institution,
  • Minister’s scholarship for the achievement in study,
  • Scholarship for board –awarded to a student in difficult financial situation. The financial situation of a student’s family is assessed just as in the process of awarding the social scholarship. The scholarship is given upon student’s application.
  • Residential scholarship – in accordance to the act of the Law on Higher Education it is only given to full-time students.
    The full-time student in difficult financial situation can be given the residential scholarship when living in a student dormitory or in other residential facility in case when everyday commuting from domicile of the student to school would make studying impossible or difficult.
  • Allowance aid– can be given to a student of The East European State University in Przemyśl temporary in a difficult financial situation due to a fortuitous event.
    The allowance is a form of an extraordinary, short – term, material help which is provided upon student’s application.
    The benefis is not entitled to a student with a difficult financial situation not caused by a fortuitous event - in this case the student can apply for a social scholarship on or before deadline indicated by the school.


Additional informations:

PWSW students can also apply for grants from other entities :

  • the Association „ Polish Community" ( Stowarzyszenie „ Wspólnota Polska") in Warsaw - up to 2000 PLN ( about 500 EURO) per semester.

and after completion of the second year of study :

  • The Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange of Ministry of Science and Higher Eduction ( Biuro Uznawalności Wykształcenia i Wymiany Międzynarodowej) in Warsaw - up to 900 PLN ( about 225 EURO ) per month.


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